Tuesday, March 23, 2010

reading list for March/April 2010

For those that have been with me since elementary school (precisely starting fifth grade), you might recall that I was that girl, the avid reader, or so-called "bookworm." The one with a book up her nose and the one who finished that like billion-paged book in one day.

So what happened to her?

Oh, I dunno. The better question to ask is, what happened to her and books?

I mean, I can't even remember the last book I read that wasn't school-related and nonfiction. If it's reading, these days/year(s) have been:
  1. School-required novels (UGH)
  2. Fashion magazines
  3. Biographies and/or works of people in the fashion/photography/journalism industry
  4. Blogs
I mean, even at the beginning of last year, I was still into reading Kafka. I still love Kafka. And last year in December, I picked up on Ayn Rand again. But what happened to those philosophical, compelling books, too?

These days it's all reality, the hard facts, reality, real life. Boom.

It's not a good or bad thing. It's just interesting to think that I was all dragons and warriors and magic just a couple years back. I was a total fantasy-book-nerd.

And now I no longer carry the proud badge of the one who has devoured countless books in a surprisingly short span of time.

I don't know if people consider reading fashion magazines 'reading.' But I guess I do.

So here's my reading list for the months of March and April:

  1. Vogue US April 2010
  2. The Beautiful Fall (Alicia Drake) (nonfiction, biography)
  3. Hungry (Crystal Renn) (also nonfiction, autobiography)
  4. W Magazine April 2010
  5. Hopefully Nylon April 2010 when it comes in the mail
  6. Runway Madness (Robert Givhan and Lucian Perkins)
Woohoo, notice a trend?

So, what's on your reading list?