Wednesday, May 18, 2011

you are invited


The people I tagged--well, obviously I had a reason for specifically choosing you.

I'd like to do a shoot with you again because you are fantastic/awesome/amazing/wonderful/lovely, and here's why. Okay, wait, just kidding--I think this is self-explanatory. But if you need more convincing, let me know.

Janie & Chole
Jane and Chloe - one last time?

Shannon (and your puppies?)

Megan - I'm daring to cop a 'tude for a shoot ;)

poster girl
Caro - oh come on. Please? We can work on that English project of yours, too...?

Lyzan - ;)

Ariana - we have so many things planned out. this isn't an invitation for you. it's a reminder.

People not pictured (meaning, I've never taken your portrait before) who should be: Jenna, Hannah, Diana

Umm yeah. I realize that, with the exception of three or four people, the rest of you are graduating seniors. This might be the last opportunity for me to photograph you seriously again and that makes me genuinely sad and aww well I don't know. Just a thought/invitation. Get back to me, will you? (But do not by any means feel obligated to accept this if you don't want to.)

Okay, that's all!