Friday, March 26, 2010

[diary] sisters

day 84: she's taking off on her own path.

We took our second walk today. It was windy.

Somehow when I look at this picture I feel like crying. Someday Serina will grow up. Watching her from here, I just find it a bit difficult to accept that she's going to go through life, she's going to encounter unpleasant circumstances, she's going to go through terrible times just like everyone else.

It's terrible of me to think like that.

But I just worry for her.

I have no idea how she will 'turn out,' or what sort of character she will be, but I suppose that's what everyone deals with when they have a child (or in my case, younger sibling).


On a lighter note, I let her use my point-and-shoot again. I think this is pretty great for a 5 year old who has only tried using the camera about three times in her life.

And I of course took tons of photographs of her, too.