Saturday, March 20, 2010

[photography] week 10

Hi everyone. Busy week. I slept when I should've been doing homework this week. It was terrible. But--socially, I think I've got it down pat. Tomorrow is work day for TPT, and I will be meeting with an old friend who's visiting from Roanoke if all goes well! Also, yesterday I reconnected with mi amiga from middle school who now goes to Oakton (haha). Life is good. School is not, at the moment.

NOTE: If you are viewing this via Facebook note, I suggest you go to the ACTUAL POST to view everything in high quality.

Here we go!

day 72
day 72

day 74
day 74: 我只吃饭,不洗碗

day 76
day 76: skip

day 77
day 77

day 78
day 78: 72 degree weather

Does the quantity seem a little stark? Yes, I missed two days >:( (73 and 75)

Hmmm, haven't got an immediate favorite this week. What do you think?

And next week, if all goes well, will be a photo shoot. Time and place and objectives haven't been confirmed yet, but it's definitely on Saturday, March 27 if it's going down (going to happen). You will get an invitation via Facebook message by Wednesday if I plan on inviting you or if you are so inclined to participate or attend.