Thursday, March 18, 2010

[diary] my cranium hurts. sigh.

Today was not one of the best of days. I should scan in this fucking awesome doodle/rant I whipped up during Chem class. It talks about wanting to bitchslap a certain guy and laments about the unfairness of the classroom (*cough*specifically the teacher*cough*). But I'm too lazy and my head hurts and that has been my legitimate excuse for everything.

Where specifically does my head/brain hurt? In the back, between the occipital lobe and cerebellum. Here are some possible factors:

1) I ate breakfast at approximately 2:15 p.m. It was a banana. A single banana.
2) I only drank water in the morning when I was leaving the house.
3) I seriously think that I tried the hardest today in P.E. than I ever have in my whole life. On jump roping--cross, can can, trivialthings like that. I am apparently not too good at jump roping since I still ended up failing even though I practiced the whole class T_T
4) Newspaper.
5) Andromeda.
6) Thinking about the mammoth amount of reading I must complete tonight.
7) Rinse and repeat.

I started typing this about fifteen minutes ago, and my cranium still hurts. It has been hurting since this afternoon.

But I think today was pretty notable (other than Chemistry) in that...
1) I took photographs for Lynh for International Night practice. This time around I wasn't as afraid of climbing on chairs and getting down for shots even though I wore a skirt today.
2) I wore a skirt today!
3) I don't much going on....
4) Newspaper. I drew the comic strip, though in my opinion, looks terrible.
5) My column will not be appearing in the print edition of issue 6. ...
6) Since I didn't have the guts or time to eat lunch today, I missed out on SPAGHETTI. (cries) I haven't had spaghetti in forever...

Damn Thursday, why can't you have been Friday?

day 78


stacey kelly said...

i love looking at your photographs, that picture is so stunning. the lighting is amazing!


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