Saturday, March 13, 2010

[diary] going solo for today's photographic adventures

I originally intended to invite people to go on a photographic adventure with me today, but stuff came up (like getting a haircut) and I'm not sure if you guys mind the rain or not, so... I went alone! (sort of)


Today I got a haircut reluctantly (at the insistence of my family). They gripe that I have too much hair.

I already had qualms about this haircut considering that the place wasn't exactly a salon but a beauty school. Lord, the last thing I need is a beginner to hack off the hair that I've grown out.

I already had a lot less hair before I got this haircut even though the two people working on my hair kept on muttering that I "had a lot of hair."

But the end result did not please me. It's terrible compared to what my hair stylist in Shanghai does.


3day 73

I'm glad that it's raining/it rained today. Beautiful, peaceful ambiance.


Today was a pretty good day for photography. This wouldn't have happened if I didn't have the guts or the craziness to do it, but while my aunt parked her car and went into a fabric store to buy red string in the evening, I crept out of the car in the rain and stood in the middle of the parking lot to take these shots:

5Midnight Express

6night adventure in the parking lot