Friday, March 5, 2010

[photography] week 8

day 58
day 58: the empty aisle

day 59
day 59: another day cloudy memory

day 60
day 60: longing for spring

day 61
day 61: I miss BB

day 62
day 62: this is the 15.5 me

day 63
day 63: i wish i had more hair.

DAY 64
day 64: Chrissy & Me

As you can see, today (day 64) was epic. And groundbreaking. And so was 63.


And obviously, you can tell Chrissy and I rocked out. You should join me/us, see?

We also did tons of crazy things in front of the library today. Including jumping from pillars, standing atop of them, and grabbing ellie the balloon.