Monday, March 29, 2010

[fashion] 100 years of fashion illustration

Above: Angela Landel's illustration of Sian Phillips in Chanel Suit c. 1961

Yesterday (Sunday) I went to Barnes and Nobles and went to the art history section. I decided it was time to immerse myself further in the history of fashion, so I leafed through a book called "100 Years of Fashion Illustration" which was a huge book of, you guessed it--fashion illustrations throughout the century. I was sad to know that I couldn't be able to buy the book, but I did jot down all the artists' names whose work I liked. Here they are:
  1. Angela Landels
  2. Bernard Blossac
  3. Cecil Beaton
  4. Kareem Iliya
  5. David Downton
  6. Francois Berthoud
  7. Julie Verhoeven
  8. Tanya Ling
  9. Patrick Arlet
  10. Pater Sato
  11. Antonio Lopez
  12. Eric Stemp
  13. Rene Gruau
  14. Constance Wilbaut
  15. Bobby Hillson
These artists' styles were all stunning in their own way. My pulse quickened just by studying their art. I imagined them flourishing their pens, paints, and whatever tools they used on whatever medium they chose.

Their work was beautiful. Each was singular in their style. Impeccably so.

I feel like I've seen some of their work before. Or that they've been emulated by other people, that they've become the foundation of others' styles.

I notice that I tend to like more modern styles better. The book was chronologically ordered, and I definitely liked the greater/latter half of it more so than the first half. I wonder what that says about me/my style.

Based on what I've seen, Bernard Blossac's illustrations (above, both) have got to be one of my favorites.

Above: Rene Gruau

Left: Bobby Hillson; Right: Angela Landels


Cherie said...

I just love vintage fashion illustrations. Those are to die for!

Miranda said...

Yes! I think I'll buy this book as soon as I get my hands on money :D

SOFIA said...

cool ullustration