Wednesday, March 17, 2010

[diary] i took my sister for a walk for the first time ever.

Maybe you don't understand how this sort of thing could delight me.

But I am, oh believe me, delighted to say that I took my sister on a walk for the very first time. This will not be the last. If only I didn't have to stay after school tomorrow or Friday. You know what I'd do instead? Take her for a walk.

I want to take her for a walk every single day when she gets home now. That's how awesome it is.

Absolutely cute.

She was skipping across the sidewalk the entire time. Watching her makes me happy (lol, that sounds weird) to see the innocence and genuineness of children, of what I was possibly like as a child. No, not really. I didn't do theatrics like her when I was a child--at least, not in public. But anyway, generally, it's a good reminder of who you may have been, what you could be right now--free, untarnished, absolutely unafraid of yourself and more trusting than you'll ever be afterward.

But she's just awesome. According to one photographer, children are really great subjects. That's true. They jump. They hop. They skip, in my sister's case. And they're not wary of the camera. At least my sister isn't. She loves it. Absolute, genuine, perfect subject right there.

They are also indefatigable.

day 77: skip

...You know what's the greatest thing about taking your sister on a walk? My sister on a walk, with me?

Because I just think it's nice that she'll grow up remembering that her own sister took her on a walk. So she'll be in school and she'll know what people are talking about, how it feels to go on a walk with their sibling, how it feels to spend time with their older sibling. And best of all, she'll at least know she had fun, had a fun experience.

That's one of the things that I find rewarding about being a big sister. I may not assume the role of a sister as often as I could, but when I do, I make the best of it. I think about things my parents didn't do for me, things I didn't grow up with that would've made me happy to know what it felt like--like having an older sibling. And it's great to see someone smile for you because of something you do for them. It's a great feeling.


I let my sister take three photographs with my camera today. This is what she came up with on her last try:

^aside from being resized, it's completely raw--unedited. Taken by Serina, age 5.5.

If you're viewing this via Facebook note, visit this link to the original post (via my blog) for higher quality photographs.