Wednesday, March 24, 2010

[diary] i remembered, i ran. I lived.

NOTE: 1) if you are viewing via facebook note, please go to my blog post for high-quality viewing. 2) Keep in mind that aside from resizing, all the following photographs are au natural, just like where I took them.

I was reborn again today.

Spring brought me back to life.

The sun gave me my spirit.

One of the reasons I got so 'into' photography was because of nature. The sun and moon especially. The clouds.

The sky, definitely. Everything natural about this earth has beauty that cannot be denied (for a moment I forgot how to spell denied and I typed 'denide.' How terrifying).

So I went on a walk/jog today because I peered out my window and lo and behold, I saw the sun with the clouds. It was stunning. Simply stunning. It caused me to grab both of my cameras (the film camera Canon AE-1 Program and my point-and-shoot Fujifilm Finepix F50fd) and pelt out of the door in my sweats/sleeping clothes. I didn't bother changing and looking sharp because the sky, as I know so well, is fickle and mercurial, forever-changing at speeds you wouldn't imagine.

I stepped out of my front door, lumbered across the driveway, and stopped. Birdsong, everywhere. Ubiquitous chorus. Sweet sounds.

I pelted away from my house, to the corner of the street where there is a sewage/reservoir/valley thing where you can see the sun best. It was more beautiful than I thought (it was already beautiful, mind you)--there was still puddles of water in the marshy, green valley from the rain we had yesterday and the day before. The sunlight illuminated the puddles.

The scene was absolutely earthy, yet ethereal at the same time.

The golden orb re-lit the fire in me.

I'd grown tired and sad that I no longer took nearly as many nature photographs as I had before. That was what propelled me in photography--nature. The sun. And today, I remembered what it felt like again, to run with abandon in sweatpants, only armed with cameras, tearing through grassy and marshy terrain, cutting through forestry and bypassing sidewalks to reach Paradise--where the sun lies. To feel the wind caressing me, to hear it whip behind me, along me, and to feel seemingly boundless energy coursing through my veins was absolutely joyous, wonderful.

I remembered again.

I remembered what it felt like to start from square one--with only a frame, a click of the shutter, beholding nature's secret joy.

I remembered what it felt like to be rejuvenated again, to feel deliriously happy and ecstatic just to find a simple but infinitely beautiful sky above me. To find joy in simple life.

day 83: the simplest of joys