Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Favorite Words #3

So, everyone, I've decided to do a continuation (thus the third) of my series of favorite words since I noticed that I probably used the same word on at least five consecutive Tumblr posts.

That word happens to be ethereal. It ranks very highly among my favorite words, not only because of its meaning but also because of its configuration. Okay...I'm going into major nerd mode when I say this, but this is how I determine favorite words:

(in no particular order):
1) How they sound rolling off my tongue.
2) Their structure. For example--ethereal has two vowels right next to each other. That's something I rather like. And also because you can visibly see two e's so close to each other. OK. That was probably really weird/confusing/what-the-heck-ish.
3) Their definition.

So after all that, you may wonder if I am able to dislike any word at all.

The answer is yes.

But uh...I can't say which ones yet. (I can't think of them right now, but I do know they exist.)

Anyway, here's my continued list of favorite words (in no particular order):

1. Nondescript
2. Novelty
3. Novel:
a. The quality of being novel; newness.
b. Something new and unusual; an innovation.
c. A small mass-produced article, such as a toy or trinket.
4. Discerning
5. Ethereal
6. Tenuous
7. Oleaginous
8. Sublime
9. Commonwealth
10. Perpetual
11. Vice
12. Dogma
13. Stigma
14. Propensity
15. Tenuity
16. Ellipse
17. Intrinsic
18. Repetition
19. Solicit
20. Ineffable
21. Effervescent
22. Ebullient
23. Doldrums
24. Clandestine
25. Impetus
26. Gambit
27. Jaded
28. Tawdry
29. D├ęcolletage

Sooo...your thoughts?

Should I include the definitions of select words the next time I do a list?

Gimme your top five favorite words (or phrases) as of lately.