Monday, August 29, 2011


I believe everyone should consider the following:

I sincerely believe that all around me, there are great people—people capable of great and amazing feats. If only they realized that about themselves! If only someone could grab them by their shoulders, look them in the eye and shake some sense into them(!)

I swear it—all around me, I see so many types of people. Good kinds of people.

I see…
  • Beautiful people (literally and figuratively)
  • Amazingly intelligent people who are also very caring and passionate
There are so many things they could do. And I might be crazy, but sometimes, when I look at these kinds of people, I get a very good idea of what they could do (great things, trust me)—but I’ll bet they’d never even dream of it.

I’m convinced that some could become models—the kinds that will strut down the runway.

I can picture many becoming successful businessmen, lawyers, doctors, etcetera.

I can see the bestselling-author in some of my peers.

I can see the dancer. I can see the artist. I can see innovators and entrepreneurs.

And even if I don’t know these people—I’m just sure that, way out there, there are people whose lives could have changed significantly if they only realized what they were capable of and let themselves go at it.

I’m 100% sure that if there was an impetus, these people could become forces to be reckoned with. They’d go down in the books. I’m sure of it.

A little anecdote I’ll always remember in relation to this is the one that my middle school orchestra director told my class: she once had a violinist who just couldn’t really get into it. He/she was getting discouraged. But when she (my orchestra director) suggested that the person try out a different instrument—like the bass—that violinist-turned-bassist flourished and eventually went on to become a professional bassist.

So you see—I think that there are many great people. People with amazing potential. But they’re not in the right place (literally, or figuratively, as in—they’re not in the right industry or career or whatever). They’re not in the place they’re meant to be. Either that or they don’t realize that they’ve got a lot going for them; or they don’t realize what they themselves might be good at.

I think that many people just need a push from someone or something to open their eyes and minds so that they’ll really get to shine.

Chloé is the best.

Chloé is my favorite fashion house. I have probably already made a post about that before, but whatever. I'm just suddenly re-discovering Chloé and loving it even more than before. It's lovely, chic, and refined. Not pretentious. Very natural. 70s.

Love, Chloé 

Making of Love, Chloé

Chloé pants

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

this is what you call real and raw beauty.

This is Tatjana Patitz gracing the cover of Elle France in 1989.

Photoshop was released (first to Macs exclusively) in 1990.

Tatjana has always been one of my all-time favorite models. And even with that, I think this cover is exceptional. She is exceptionally, incredibly beautiful. Tatjana's beauty shines through this cover even without the help of Photoshop, retouching, or any kind of digital embellishment.

Absolutely stunning.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lou Doillon for Vanessa Bruno S/S 2010

I could've sworn I'd posted this video before. But I guess I haven't. I saw this way back when it was first released. It's a very beautiful fashion film. The music is perfect (YACHT and Chilly Gonzales!), Lou Doillon has got such a great personality, and the aesthetics are impeccable. This is just a very lovely short film ad.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bon Accord

Bon Accord classifies itself as a chillwave/dreamwave/shoegaze group. That's right up my alley. But I didn't really get chillwave vibes. I got more dreamy vibes. Listening to this puts me in a dream. It's very soothing and unobtrusive. I love "Lopsided."

Friday, August 19, 2011

cvlt classics

Just listen. It's got great vibes. #1 by CVLT CLASSICS

You are never far from adventure.

AUGUST 19, 2011
Lessons learned from traveling with Frankie:

Today I did the usual: cycle between 30 minutes to an hour.

 And I changed my route up.

As usual.

It’s not like I am especially bent on changing my route up; but I’m not opposed to it either. But invariably, something always happens on my runs that prompts a change. It’s usually pedestrians who get in my way when I’m trying to coast down a sidewalk.

That was the case today.

So instead of turning back home on my preferred route, I went the opposite direction—all the way to a supposed dead-end. There’s an area that is fenced off. I have gone out of my way to pass by that area, but I have never actually gone through it.

Of all days, I didn’t bring my camera today because it was out of batteries. And I didn’t want my aunt getting on my case (she always asks me why I have to bring a camera even when going for a ride).

I really regret not bringing my camera.

I got around the fence (which was pretty easy) with Frankie and headed down the sidewalk…only to find that it ended and fed onto a very uneven, paved asphalt path (like the highway roads).

It curved to the right, away from view.

I know an adventure beckoning when I see one.

So I coasted down the curve…

and suddenly found myself coasting downhill; down a very long and very straight (and empty) road adjacent to the highway.

Route 66.

Damn it was an unbelievable experience.

The sun was on its way to set. Its rays beat down on my back. I loved the warmth of the late afternoon light. And what I loved even more was the way the golden light fell on the path, illuminating it.

I loved the contrast.

The warmth of the light and the emptiness and desolation of the once-worn road.

It was hard to believe that this empty road was right next to a highway filled with cars streaking by.

I’m always afraid that I will run out of places to shoot at (given that NOVA is an area that gets quite repetitive at times), but today it occurred to me that I am never far from adventure no matter where I am.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

So I have listened to this song 60 times between yesterday and today...

It's been on repeat. Non-stop.

Clara Klein - "Madman"

It's beautiful, simple, and I get this quiet vibe from it that I love. I would like to use this song in a film someday.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

dope music

You should probz listen to TOKiMONSTA's entire EP Creature Dreams. It's very chill and dope. Here's one of my favorite tracks from the album:

"Stigmatizing Sex"

This is also pretty dope. And cosmic. Love:


And also I must confess that I love Kylie Minogue's music. But anyway.

the brothel

Du Juan by Vincent Peters for Numéro China September 2011 (via FGR)

I love this photograph because it brings back a memory about Taipei.
One night, my cousin (who is approximately thirty years old) took me out for the first motorcycle ride of my life.
It was the most exhilarating and liberating experience of my life. I still remember that ride vividly—lights and all flashing by, us leaving it all behind in a trail of darkness, cool wind whipping past, the throaty roar and rumble of the motorcycle tearing through the quiet night, the thrill of being caught in a throng of motorcyclists waiting side-by-side at a red light—I remember everything.
But when we got off the motorcycle at this village, my cousin took me through this alley to get to a little shop. We passed by a very dark and quiet alley. There were women loitering around outside the alley (which was lined with adjacent little shacks/inns) next to each doorway. As we passed through the alley, I peered into each doorway (they were all open) and interestingly enough, all I saw were women in rather vibrant dresses and Buddhist altars/shrines in every single one of those inns. I thought it was very curious to see a shrine in all of them.
As we got out of the alley and headed onto the main street, my cousin asked me if I knew what I had just passed through. I didn’t know. He thought for a moment as we walked, trying to search for the right word in English. And then he said one word:
Our walk dissolved into silence.
I think this photograph captures my memory very well.
Those women would just lean against the wall; some dressed more provocatively than others; and their glances would linger on us as we passed by them. I could feel their eyes on us as I walked by.
Sometimes, my cousin and I would pass by a businessman or two, outside. And sometimes, when I peered into the inns, there would be a man or two in the lounges/foyer.
One brothel stands out in my mind.
I peered into it and saw this gigantic wooden staircase that wrapped around the foyer like a serpent, and it was lined with beautiful women every step of the way.
It wasn’t till I had walked away from that alley and found out what it was that I wondered, very pensively, if those women had chosen to be there—if they were there of their own volition—or not.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Growing is Forever

I often think that it's a little clichéd to use The Album Leaf's songs in nature-y/quiet films like these, but this was thought-provoking and compelling.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the benefit(s) of being young

Although I would love to grow up so I could pack my bags and get on with my life in a big city, I do believe that being young has its advantages. (Or you can make it work to your advantage.)
  1. People don't take you seriously. It sucks sometimes. But this is good in case you ever need to break the law or do some shady stuff. If you get in trouble, people will tend to punish you less harshly (compared to an adult/"grown-up" breaking the law or doing something wrong). They're more dismissive because of your supposed youth (which guarantees ignorance, apparently). Speaking of ignorance...
  2. People think you're ignorant because you're young. You can prove them wrong. They won't know what hit them.
  3.  I dunno. There are plenty more benefits to being young (aside from the obvious--health-wise, etc.), but that's all I can think of for now.