Tuesday, September 30, 2008

baby bird

When a bird hatches from its egg, what does it recognize?

Monday, September 29, 2008

religion vs. science vs. philosophy

According to one that I know, he believes that religion goes against science. I asked if there was any difference between religion going against science, or science going against religion. He said yes.

"did the chicken or the egg come first?"

Ah. I responded, "Well... I'm not sure, but I think it's the same way in the thing about the first beings on earth as Adam and Eve. They didn't come from embryos, now did they? They miraculously appeared on earth." He disagreed, amazed that I would actually relate to something religious. True. I have no true religion, but from my early childhood, it stills leaves its impressions on me... Christianity. And Buddhism. Well, my family is a follower of Buddhism. But as for myself, I don't know.

What is the purpose...of the existence of religion? Is it a scapegoat to blame everything on? Is it something that humans made up as an answer to the fear of the unknown? Is it a divine force or element?

Can a scientist, does he have a religion? Or is his religion science and the proven truth?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

...GASP! OH MY GOSH! (jumps all over the place)


Yeah... (nod) It's moi. First ever.

[Youtube] Pizzicato Five - Sweet Soul Revue


>_< They're so funny. (But awesome to listen to.)

[update] Flickr

the Cloud post!

Yep. Mainly focuses on clouds this time. And a white board drawing/little scribble.

BoardomCloud meet Ground

Triple Rainbow

Today marks the beginning of a new life. I'll start anew. I decided this when I saw the most awe-inspiring sky: a sky with a huge cumulus cloud, and beneath, an azure sky with a bold rainbow, followed by two other faint rainbows. I don't know how seeing thee rainbows would mark the beginning, but it does. It rightfully does.

Sadly, my camera was unable to take the best of pictures of the rainbow...
Once more, I wish I could fly so there would be nothing that blocks me from taking the perfect picture.

bold Rainbow

Go to my photostream.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


If I want something, then i'll have to sacrifice something in return. (Hey--I just made a hypothesis/conditional statement! )

...Well... If I want to do well in high school... No. If I want to do the best in high school and hereafter, I'll have to sacrifice pleasures such as gaming, drawing, and computer time, no? It's alright. I can live with that. Hope you'll understand.

The Awesomest [Rainy] Day

Okay... today I stayed afterschool for Bio to discuss my science fair project, and I have to admit that my teacher is really cool...

Anyways... I left for the late-buses at 3:45, in which it was raining outside, and I waited all the way until 4:20 in the rain, and by then, it was pouring. But I met some awesome people on the late bus.
Well, I must commemorate a classmate of mine. She's extremely smart, and skillful at the piano most probably, and she's a trooper. She does cheer all the way into the night, and gets her homework done at 11 PM. Geez.... Crazy scary.

AND... She introduced me to the world of cakes.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

[update] Flickr

Added a new batch (4 total)


The Vast Sunset

Features rain, sky, sunset, leaves, Jersey City, sunsets

[YouTube] Portishead - The Rip

...You simply cannot describe this song in words. Epic? Legendary? Genius? Powerful? Bravo.

Portishead - The Rip MV

where the light is

OH MY GOSH. I fell in love with this picture of john mayer. Applause for the photographer--the perfect essense.

Speed Demon

You got one here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Posting Schedule

Since high school is only going to get even more time-consuming, I'll probably post every other day or so... (Be patient!) If you got any suggestions/questions, just comment and I'll see what I can do.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Current Disney is a Shame

What the hell is up with Disney? They're producing all sorts of phony stars, like the Jo Bros and Miley Cyrus. Not to mention those silly shows, "Camp Rock" and "Hannah Montana." Oh. And High School Musical.

Where did the good, classical Disney go? Like Bambi, Snow White, and Cinderella? And Peter Pan?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

[Music Review] DBSK - MIROTIC

The much-awaited comeback by DBSK in Korea! Here they go with MIROTIC...

주문 (MIROTIC)」24th single
›››artist (s) DBSK
››› release date 2008.9.24
››› language Korean
››› genre hip-hop, uran, etc
››› feels/sounds catchy, dancey, sexy

DOWNLOAD : Due to someone's request, I've uploaded the first track. (See below)

002 MIROTIC (instrumental)

Comments: O>O Well, I'm surprised... 1) They're back. In Korean. 2) MIROTIC...was sensual. Powerful. Very catchy and beat-y. Just check them out--it's a comeback, alright...


Well...few things to point out for the fangirls... You should enjoy this cause it shows them shirtless. (Or partially shirtless.) A lot. XD (But I don't really dig that...) Anyways...you can tell that they're grown up and out of those cutesy-songs to more mature, sensual songs... Not sure I like their haircut, but really... The MV is kind of freaky with the girl-in-scarlet and the guys being chained against the wall... If there is anything particularly nice about the MV, it'd be the spectacular dance moves/choreography. (They don't normally disappoint in dancing, mmhmm.)

[YouTube] Suga Shikao - Kono Yubi Tomare MV

(squeal) Despite his looks, he's actually thirty-somethin. But still hot. XD jk. You never heard me say that. But.... He's addicting.

Suga Shikao - Kono Yubi Tomare MV

Well, Suga Shikao's new MV is dancey and catchy as usual >_< And the dancers are back--they're awesome. (See link) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uBa7o-XmDs

If I get the chance, I'll write a review later for the Kono Yubi Tomare single...

Again and Again

The title reminds me of a song by The Bird and the Bee (an indie group.) Actually, they do have a song titled "Again and Again." Hmm....


It seems that I'm always getting scolded by my both of my parents daily now. (which means every day.) On every little thing, or so it seems to me...

What am I going to do? What should I, what do I have to do in order to live?

Best Online Chinese Dictionary


Oh my dog

I am madly trying to finish my chinese homework on the computer in the library since I don't have a computer. This is nuts.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Harsh Tongue

Both are stunning: my harsh tongue, and my father's sudden, caring attitude

He asks me if I have any problems. That's a retorical question. Even if I did, I probably wouldn't ask him. I pause dramatically, and then answer, "...No." He asks me how math is, and what I'm learning. I pause again. "...Reasoning." I say simply. He then asks me about Geometry. I'm sarcastic, replying: "...Geometry is the same as math. It is math." Silence. For a moment, I wonder if I've pushed his buttons. He then asks, "How's Pre-Calc?" I ogle, almost in revulsion. He didn't even know what his daughter's classes were. Anywayyssss... I pause, for almost ten seconds, before harshly saying, "...I. Don't. Take. Pre-Calc. Yet." More silence. Then he asks if I need supplementary textbooks. I decline. Silence. He walks away.

For some strange reason, these past few days, I'm extremely easy to irritate. And why is he being so, controlled, for that moment? It's only more awkward talking to him... and it's awkward and difficult enough.



Tuesday, September 16, 2008

[update] hoshimori forums


Updated Sunshine RP.

Requests for joining the RP are OPEN!!

Failing Geometry Honors

I'm failing Geometry Honors. End of story. And I'm serious. What can I do (other than studying and homework) to shape up? Anybody willing to help?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Girl of Thousands

I'm a girl of a thousand laughs, faces, personalities, and now: voices.

Due to my cold or allergy or whatever that ails me, my voice is nasally. Earlier today in the morning, I sounded like Heath Ledger playing the Joker.

Now, I sound like YUKI (Judy and Mary).

YUKI - Dramatic


If someone told you "no" flat out, and especially if they were your friend, what would you do? Would their frankness shock you?

Speaking with conviction, speaking straight to the point... Those are things I lack. And perhaps that's why I was shocked.

Taken Back

Through and through, I'm continuously paralyzed and shocked with my parents' sudden and venomous lashes. It leaves me standing there, paralyzed, for minutes, alternating between two conclusions:
Should I continue to stand in place, being ignored, and sticking out like a sore thumb?
Should I leave and just hide in my room until I am called for?

And what will they think of me, when I decide upon one of those options?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

****ing Worst Sore Throat Ever.


I feel like I could drink a limitless amount of water at the rate my throat is hurting. It hurts to swallow and I feel downright crappy! I don't want to do anything...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Piano Perf Conclusion!!!

It was amazing. I felt like, for the first time, I was playing freely rather than tensed up and rote. While I was playing, I felt a soaring sensation, one you get when you fly. Does this mean that I've come across a new step?

Sweet . Sour

Sweet always
Sour always

Which option would most closely define your life?

What Gives?

What drives my parents nuts about me, enough so that they'll glare daggers at me, and pick at little things? What is it about me?

Carelessness? Stupidity? Lazyness? What!


Piano Perf

I've got a piano performance at 7 tonight. Gotta prepare and calm down.

My weekend is PACKED. And I need to do...

World Civ


Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Won't Wait for You

I won't wait for you.

There's no need to wait for you, no need for hesitance, no need for "courtesy."

Because I know, that even if we are separated, you will find me through this crowd.

[YouTube] Top Two Cute Songs of the Day!

林宥嘉/Yoga - 愛情是圓的 完整MV

Yoon Eun Hye & Lee Dong Gun - Salad Song MV (original by Humming Urban Stereo)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Pianist

The pianist's duty is to find the balance in each unique piano--after playing the first note in a piece, the pianist should be able to judge and control the pressure applied on the keys, bringing out the right volume and quality.

What is a piano?

Is it something that reverberates and recoils after each note you play? Is it just a musical instrument?

What is a pianist?

Does this mean my intuition and ability has improved?

Today, in piano lesson, when I was asked to play a piece (The Girl from Ipanema) for a friend, I played. And something unexpected happened while I played--I made a mistake (that's not the unexpected part). It was a series of wrong chords--however, I kept playing with any pause or hesitation, as if the notes were right. That has never happened to me before, being able to play on decisively even though I was aware that the notes were wrong. Is it the fruit of my practice all these years?

I don't know. But I thought it was pretty amazing.

And, lifting your fingers before playing a following chord in the bass clef of Gymnopedie No. 1 (by Erik Satie) helps reduce the loud thud of a piano.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Chinatown, New York


The Truth Behind theTruth

Truth is not "true" or "false," and neither is it fact. Truth is opinion. Opinionated.

What I believe as the truth, may not be the same to you, and vice-versa, and so on, and so forth.

If you take a good look at the thing we call "truth," then you will see what I am talking about. Think.

The Method to My Photography

What I see through my eyes is what I capture through the lens--a beautiful scenery. Maybe it's a talent--I guess I just see the near-perfect picture of a scenery. I say near-perfect because there are still some flaws in my pictures--I'm going to take that perfect picture someday. My belief is: It is not a scenery that makes a picture beautiful, but an angle and photographer that makes it beautiful.

Monday, September 8, 2008

[update] Flickr

Another batch of my pictures!


Focuses [again] on the sky, sunsets, moon, urban, chinatown, nyc, etc.


It's pointless arguing with my dad when he tries to explain something, even if he's undeniably wrong. Why? Because no matter what you say, you can't change what a person of a different generation thinks, especially one that's older than you by decades. So I just sit on, listening to his rambling and babbling, and grip my seat as he makes screeching stops and sharp-turns. He's a bad driver. And then, it occurs to me, it's not that he's a bad driver, he's a nasty driver, which I think, is even worse...

And then, when I comment on how many birds are sitting on the powerlines, he laughs and says, "Do you know why they don't get zapped?" and I, of course knowing that this is headed to a very bad direction, sigh and say, "...uh, because their feet are padded so they're resistant to the power lines...? Or the power lines are insulated on the outside by rubber?" and he chuckles, goes on saying matter-of-factly, "It's because of gravity. They have smaller gravity than humans. That's why, they fall slower than humans."

What the hell?

The Sunset of a Lifetime

At approximately 7:10 PM as I was in the car, I saw the most splendid sunset ever--the round, whole sun was bright red, shrouded in a few thin clouds, and it was most brilliant. It seems that whenever I go out without my camera, the best things happen, which is the worst thing to me. -3-

I hope I'll see an even more extraordinary sunset in the future...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

TTT: That Terrifying Thought...

Today was my first day of Chinese school in a new school, Hope Chinese School (at Westfield High.) Since I started three years late on learning Mandarin (and wasted it on Cantonese/traditional in which I forgot), I'm stuck with a bunch of little kids that seem like they're 11 or 12 at the very most. I've never had this feeling before, where you see a bunch of people younger than you just run past, and they seem so much better, so much full of it, and it makes you feel old...and outclassed. I don't know... maybe I'm overlooking things, but...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Finally the Weekend!

As I said before, high school seems to be passing me like a blur--it's going fast. And now, it is finally the weekend. Geometry is total whack, by the way.

Tuesday--Spanish Quiz (SER and those other verbs)
September 10--Summer Reading Test dealing with Mythology
September 11--Science Fair Selection Assignment Due

I gotta work on a crapload of homework...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


How do you make someone who has procrastinated for all fourteen years of her life get her work done? (sigh) I need some motivation, a driving force...

What shall I do?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Journey Forward

Today was the first day of my life as a freshman in high school. It went by quickly, though the day was long. It flew by like a blur, and the only words I can describe it are as follows... "dream-like, surreal, fast-paced." It's not a good sign if I can only describe it as a dream, right...? But whatever the case may be, I managed well.

I realize the sky is absolutely beautiful at 6:30 AM, and that today is a perfect blue (2:30 PM). Expect new pictures on Flickr soon! (http://www.flickr.com/photos/moonsukaru)

I'll begin to move forward instead of looking back, I'll complete each day with dedication, and the time will fly just like it did today. I've had enough time to enjoy and play, but now is the time to wake up and start anew, fresh, and clean.

I used to wish to be a kid forever, now I recognize that it is simply not possible, as much as I want it to, so I just wish, hope that every day will be filled with happiness for everyone.

Who am I? To many people, they think it's just a phase. But, is it really? It may be the case for most others, but it certainly doesn't seem that way to me. These kinds of questions are the only ones that ever bother me...

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