Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i aspired to be a flight attendant when i was six.

As a child, I was perfectly cheerful, happy, bubbly, and laughed way more often. And even more than that, I dreamt every waking moment. I think I'm quite an enigma--an enigmatic character presently. I mean, I myself aren't too sure how I would/should consider myself. But these are some of the things I dreamt or did as a child:

I aspired to be a billion things. Here's one of them:

I'd imagine myself as a flight attendant most often. I remember this particular day, perhaps when I was six, that I was in the living room, and I had come across a tape recorder.

I figured out how to work it, so I started leaping up and down, and running around the sofa, announcing into the tape recorder (while it was recording) in a suave, formal voice: "Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I am Miranda, and I will be your flight attendant for today. Please keep all seat belts fastened and enjoy the flight. If you will, please turn your attention to the screen for the safety presentation...." and I'd go on and on.

I'd also repeatedly say my intro in various ways, still, with the same suave voice I'd modeled from the flight attendants I'd encountered throughout my many years of traveling on airplanes.

I'd imagine myself strutting through the narrow aisles of the airplane even though I was in my living room. I'd actually walk in a straight line, with as much poise and dignity as possible like the flight attendants, who I guess were my idols/heroes. I remember, as a child, the flight attendants were young women who looked stunning. Models. Not like the sort of old bags you see on airplanes nowadays. Kidding about the old bags.

But an interesting thing that I'll note is that I made full use of my voice. It is, as you may realize, lower than most girls/females. And I'm pretty sure that even when I was just a kid, six years old, I had an abnormally lower voice, as well. And I didn't mind it. In fact, I thought that it fit perfectly when I talked with a suave tone. Hah.

My childish flight attendant aspirations flew away. I was of course not serious about them. I don't regret it, but it would be nice if I could be a flight attendant. Maybe. Just for the fact that I can stroll through narrow aisles talking with a deliberately oh-so-smooth tone.

What were your dreams when you were a kid? Did you have a dream career?