Saturday, March 13, 2010

[diary] franklin pt. 1

I visited Franklin Middle School with my best friend Cindy.
It's been approximately two years since graduating from there, and about a year since visiting, I suppose. Last year we went to visit around this time of year as well. It was quite thrilling to sneak into the school. I'm a smooth talker. Just kidding. But really, we did have to take some risks to get in there, now that they've gotten a doorbell system installed where visitors are kept under check.

I won't go into detail about last year. But yeah, it's been about a year since my last visit.

Now why would I want to go visit Franklin Middle School, you ask? Well, simple. Nostalgia. I had an awesome time there. And I had mostly awesome teachers. Memories.

So here's the lowdown about our adventure yesterday. I hopped on Cindy's bus after school and we got to her house. We asked her mom if we could visit Franklin. Honestly, I wasn't expecting a yes, and although she seemed a little hesitant, she gave us permission. So from Cindy's house, which is only like, 50 feet from the school grounds, we ran across the highway/street (Lees Corner Rd.) and hit the sidewalk around the bus loop. Buses were just pulling in.

Here's a secret, you guys. You know our buses from Chantilly? After dropping us off, they make straight for Franklin, their next stop. Hah. I saw my busdriver/her bus (it has a Dora blanket draped over the front seat). And Cindy saw her bus driver and her bus, too (it had a Spongebob blanket). Her bus driver noticed us and told Cindy that we could've just stayed on her bus and she would've just taken us directly to Franklin after her Chantilly run. Yes. Now we have found a new method of traversing to Franklin. I asked her if we could ride her bus next Friday to Franklin, in that case. She said yes.

While we were outside, still headed towards the main door, one of the administrators saw us and asked what we were doing here. Not sure of what to say, I decided to be frank by saying that I wanted to visit my former teachers. He said that we could try, but we'd have to go ask the front office and chances were that they wouldn't let us since security is stricter now. Oh well. I decided to give it a go anyway and sneaked into the school with a bunch of bus drivers who were headed in for a bathroom break. I said "sneaked" because technically, you're supposed to ring the bell to get in, but since the bus drivers are bus drivers, the office let them in without having them ring.

Once we stepped through the main door, I pondered two options: 1) do as the administrator said and visit the front office for permission or 2) just sneak past. I chose the former since I already did that latter last year (haha) and we headed into the front office. The woman at the counter asked us what we wanted. I told her I wanted to visit my former teachers. She looked at us and said....

(to be continued)