Friday, March 26, 2010

[photography] week 11

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Halloa :)
^Me and my Canon AE-1 Program.

It's finally spring break. I slept TWELVE hours between yesterday's 10 p.m. and today's 10 p.m.!

Without further ado, let's get started on the weekly roll:

day 79
day 79: the third time

day 80
day 80: pole meet mackerel sky

day 81
day 81: flutterings of the heart

day 82
day 82: fashionable reads

day 83
day 83: the simplest of joys

day 84
day 84: she's taking off on her own path.

day 85
day 85: light spillage

Ahhh. I have to say that this week in terms of photography started out terribly, but as time progressed, things got better, hmm?

My favorite has got to be day 81, both because of the story behind it (read its page to find out) and the composition. A close second has to be day 84, also because of the story and composition.

I would really like to make good use of spring break to meet certain people I haven't really had the chance to be with. And take more photographs. Look forward to something this upcoming week in photography. I haven't decided what yet, but I'm sure it'll be crazy.

What's your favorite?

And here's a challenge for you all: Document a minimum of one moment in your spring break experience and send a photograph to me, along with a caption. Of course, I encourage you to take more than one photograph--take a whole slew if you're up to it. And be creative/resourceful. It doesn't matter what camera you have. iPhone, cell phone cameraphone, point-and-shoot, D-SLR, whatevs. GET OUT THERE AND HAVE FUN!