Friday, March 12, 2010

[diary] tpt worknight no. 6

It's 12:52 a.m.
I just woke up about ten minutes ago from a nap that I took starting perhaps 10 p.m.
I haven't done any homework considering I got home at 9 ish.

But anyway, I thought today was pretty memorable, in that it was tpt workday number 6. Mostly because a few people from last year's staff (so former-seniors, I guess you could call them) came to visit, like Evan and Marisa. It was awesome.

Right now I can't think clearly about what exactly happened, so I will just leave it at that for now. What else that I do remember, though, is that my stomach has been hurting really terribly almost nonstop for the past two days. I couldn't really focus in class, too. And for basically the WHOLE DAMN WEEK so far, I've been somehow falling asleep after I get home from after school (normally 5 ish, in Tuesday and Wednesday's case 6 ish) and dinner and not waking up until the next day/when it's time for school, therefore I haven't really been on top of homework.

That also means I didn't study for my AP World test. Just like last time, I fell asleep before I could possibly study. This time I did one point worse, but not too bad considering that I didn't study: 82 (obviously last time was 83).

I have a Chemistry quiz later on today. I need to do math homework, which isn't/shouldn't be all that hard. But the Chemistry quiz? Fuck it. I mean, Shoot. Dunno what to do about that one...

This whole week can be characterized as sluggish and sleepy for me. Basically every day has been this way: SCHOOL/eat a bit but not really/SLEEP. Nothing else.

I feel like I haven't updated in a while. And I'm still not feeling satisfied with the content of this post. And I fear that I'm way behind in Tumblr :(