Friday, February 5, 2010

[update] week 5

Gah. It's 3:03 a.m. but whatever.

So, everyone! It's been an interesting week. Nothing too tumultuous if I remember properly. Here we gooo!

day 29
day 29: i. am. happy!

day 30
day 30: winter magic's return

day 31
day 31: television killed her

day 32
day 32: the girl who checked her mailbox incessantly for NYLON

day 33
day 33: accidental aesthetic blur

day 34
day34: the wolf's maw

day 35
day 35: is it strange that I'm 15 and I love suits?

DUDE, DID YOU NOTICE? NONE OF THE DAYS WERE MISSING! Is this like, the first time eva? I think so. Woohoo! I feel accomplished. Sort of. Not really. Still have a long way to go.

But I definitely think project 365 is worth it. I mean, I actually write about every single photograph I take (in detail, or at least enough to get the gist), which is supposedly every day. When I look back at this next year, I'll be able to remember what happened on, say, Feb. 4, 2010. Heehee. Or even now.

So, um, yeah, Science Fair is over, too! I kind of have this feeling my photographs and update notes are being integrated into one post. Ah, whatever. I'm tired. It's 3:08 a.m. I'm a bad child.

But eh. I survived Science Fair. And so did most of you, I think. Time for sleep.