Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i wish i could dance

Does that sound funny coming from someone like me? I don't really think so, actually.

I wish I could dance.

Dancers and people who can dance (but aren't necessarily dancers, if that is possible/makes sense) fascinate me.

And even more than that, I simply wish I could dance excellently so I could bust out some moves whenever I felt like it instead of holding back and being afraid of exposing my lack of dancing ability.

It happens so often--a song will just take me away, and I'll want to start grooving (especially if it's a dance-y song).

Aside from that, though, let's talk about music and today.

"Isn't she lovely" by Stevie Wonder is well, absolutely lovely. Do you ever have a time when a song just really pops into your head all of the sudden? This is what took hold of me as I hopped off the bus this afternoon (about ten minutes ago).

And this morning, I had the song "We Walk" stuck in my head. Yeah, the Ting Tings. Right when I woke up. It's not unusual for a song to be playing in my head right when I wake up, actually. It happens quite frequently. So when I hit the road, headed for my bus stop, I listened to "We Walk" as I was, well, running to catch the bus. The irony.

Someday I'm going to dance, I'm going to dance all the way to the bus stop, through the hallway, around the house. It'll be funny, it'll be outrageous, it'll be so fun.

And this is rather offhand, but I've always imagined that if songs could describe people, my song would be "I Go Deep" by Jim Rivers.

Here's the video via YouTube: