Thursday, February 25, 2010

[diary] Wild Woman Miranda

Today my English teacher referred to me as "Wild Woman Miranda." And added that I'm the one that likes to look at "ads in fashion magazines."

I suppose I've become quite notorious for a little social experiment I performed during English class (I basically showed people ads and editorials from fashion mags, gauging their reactions) and subsequently for writing a column related to it.

But I laughed when she called me "Wild Woman Miranda." I don't know what exactly she thinks of me when she says that (does she think I'm the typical reckless youth?) but I took it literally, replying, "I am wild." She chuckled and said a few things and that was that. But it made me smile from ear to ear. You see...I don't really consider myself a docile, timid girl. The stereotypical shy Asian girl is far from who I really am, in my opinion. I consider myself, well, wild.

Wild often seems to have the tendency to be synonymous with "bad" and all that.

One evening, when I was lagging outside hoping to shoot a night photograph, my aunt said exasperatedly, "why have you turned so wild?!" because apparently if you're an outdoorsy/like the outdoors type of person, that means you're wild is what she's implying. But I took no offense--it was true, really, I am a wild child/woman/whatever. The point is...

Like it or not, but, I'M WILD and I love it.