Saturday, February 20, 2010

[photography] stagnant crisis. enlisting help of camera-loving people who are not afraid to do craazzzyy things.

I've been feeling, for a while, impatient with my photography. Definitely unsatisfied.

I look at my photographs. Sure, they're interesting here and there. But where's the grabber? What about it will make someone remember it, make someone backtrack, do a double-take?

My photographs, I have to admit, are boring.

They're stagnant.

Nothing happens in them.

It's just a still scene.

Nothing happens.



The fact that my photography is starting to bore me, to frustrate me, is well, frustrating. I've decided that I need action. I need movement. I need something that isn't still. I need objects, subjects and themes that you don't find everywhere, things that aren't mundane. I need something extraordinary. I need to grow past the stage of stillness.

My photographs can't just stay in the same level. But right now, I can't feel them progressing. I need to grow, I need to raise my photography. I feel uncomfortable this very moment knowing that I can and need to do so much more with my photography.

I don't know how I'm going to do this, but I'm going to start including more compelling shots, of people, of things you would not see usually. That requires work on my part. First, approaching people. Second, getting consent. Third, putting the whole photoshoot together. Fourth, making magic.

The greatest thing I need to work on is thinking beyond myself, being different, and not being afraid of what people think about me. I especially stress the part about not being afraid of the way others look at me. Imagine going to the supermarket and seeing a girl in an aisle with a camera doing some weeeirrrddd stuff. Imagine driving past a girl who's leaping like a lunatic on the sidewalk. Imagine walking past a girl on your daily stroll who's snapping away furiously at a mailbox or a weed in the grass.

I've done some pretty weird things before (I don't think it's necessary for me to say what) in public just to get a shot, and nothing entirely bad has ever really happened to me and I've never had a person point fingers and gasp at me, so I suppose that it's okay, right?!

So here's my agenda:
  1. Enlist people. It'd be great if you weren't camera-shy, it'd be great if you can handle awkwardness like a pro, it'd be great if you can be comfortable doing craaazzzy things, trust me. And it'd be great if you could be free on weekends or after school.
  2. Make magic.
  3. Rinse and repeat.
So who's in? (And by the way, limited to Northern Virginia area).

And even if you don't want to be a 'model,' you can always help me find interesting places as locations for shots, or interesting tidbits that might find their way into my photographs, somehow.

But yeah. Anyone interested? And I am completely serious and your photograph will be absolutely lovely on my Flickr.