Saturday, February 6, 2010



Quoting my Tumblr:
"………………..After looking at it, my brain seriously like, went blank. Mind-blowing. I feel a thousand emotions right now, and I feel like I’m about to go ricocheting off the walls for lack of better words to describe my reactions and thoughts."

Now that I've semi-recovered from that...let's get down to the nitty gritty of this editorial:

Wish Report Brazil - Emanuela de Paula by Jacques Dequeker

^This dress is, well, amazing.

This is one of the most stunningly beautiful, ethereal editorials I've ever seen.
The photography, the dresses, the model, the whole shebang--THE WHOLE PACKAGE AND CONCEPT IS...INGENIOUS.

Excuse me for my crude language, but...
fuck yeah, Jacques Dequeker!

Seriously. Conceiving the idea of SHOOTING FASHION UNDERWATER?

That has always been a fantasy of mine. ASDFGHJKL. Awesome. Beautiful.

I am so moved by the power of these photographs that I actually feel like I could cry (tears of awe).

Yeah. So I might end up posting all the images from Fashion Gone Rogue, ahahaha... but, really. Are you in awe yet?

However, the above shot... I wonder. Is it really underwater? Everything--her expression, the dress--looks so still and undisturbed that it looks too peaceful to be underwater, to me. But it looks nonetheless breathtaking. So what do you think? Is it underwater?

Even the black and white shots look beautiful underwater.

I sound like a broken record on repeat, but, I just simply can't find enough words to describe this editorial, these photographs...

They are so breathtaking. Mind-blowing. Beautiful. Blue. Stunning.

I think it's extremely poignant.

The rest of the images can be seen here.

all images via Fashion Gone Rogue