Friday, February 19, 2010

[photography] week 7

Hello everyone.

Quick announcement before we get started:

I'm thinking going to interview some people that I find interesting and post the interview on my blog. I was inspired by yuli sato's blog. I had this idea all along but never thought about actualizing it. Now I'm really determined to do it. Now who shall I interview...

day 43
day 43: i wish i knew pablo picasso

day 44
day 44: lion dance

day 45
day 45: come and go

day 47
day 47: crossing the Styx

day 48
day 48: Sköll and Sol...wait...I'm mixing it up...Countess Dracula.

day 49
Read more about this day at my Tumblr.

day 50
day 50: chipotle

If you observe, this week, according to my photographs, started on a pretty cheery note. And then, in between, things went eerier and darker, both literally and figuratively. And then it ends peacefully.

My personal favorite is day 48. Do you have a favorite?


stacey kelly said...

i love your new blog header pic! so cute :)


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