Saturday, February 13, 2010

[photography] i wanna make a picturebook, literal/literally.

T-shirts have been the norm for me since goodness knows when.

For the past two years, skinny jeans have been a staple. Purple ones, too.
i love the color splash
Also flannel shirts. But that doesn't make me a 'hipster.' Don't argue that.
day 5: bent over
Colors have spilled into my wardrobe.

Ah, there's a lot of pink, and other variations of red.

Oh. Meet my pink and red beanies, woolly hats, and more hats (I've still got more hats everywhere). Somehow, just like how color (especially red/pink) has slipped into my wardrobe without my knowing, hats have, too.

I used to dislike hats. But now? I don't mind them. Not one bit.

Things change. But you know what? Some things still stay the same. Like the color black (and white).
day 21: full of it
Like a stare.

Like a smile.
Because i am...

day 29: i. am. happy!
Oh yeah. The laugh stays, too.


evan goetz said...

ok, i just started this blog, but my first entry speaks to the color thing you were talking about. rofl.