Sunday, February 21, 2010

[me] inspiration

I'm easily inspired. I'll hear a song and it'll become the theme of my imagination for a day. I'll see a single photograph and there'll be fifty different stories and scenarious stemming from it in my mind. I'll look at the sky and I'll feel sad just because it's so breathtakingly beautiful, or in awe because it's so grand. I'll just sit and hear the ticking of the clock and it will become an element of a photograph I take later on.

And then, sometimes I'll be down in the drain, frustrated, sad, angered, all that, like I have been for the past two days. And then I'll just hear a song, like Opus 23, or wake up realizing it's 1 in the noon, and it'll empower me. It'll make me breathe steadily, bring life back into my eyes, take away the aching, make me forget defeat. I'll make spontaneous decisions, however absurd they might seem, like today.

Today, I heard Opus 23. And later, I feel like today's a pretty nice day. And then I'll look at the stunning sky and decide all of the sudden:

"Today I'm going to be happy."

I make those decisions and statements a lot. And then I become totally absorbed with making them come true, making them what I want them to be. So I will be happy.

day 52: Opus 23