Monday, February 22, 2010

i met the geese in the snow

Dear diary,

I knew today wouldn't be as great of a day as I hoped for. When I woke up with my mom announcing that it was 6:47, I literally muttered, "I'm fucked." And indeed, I am. So I get to school late, and honestly my Algebra teacher made me feel a bit miffed/offended when she told me to get out the temporary seat I was sitting at and go to the front and corner seat with a bunch of people I don't know. You see, today was the day we got to choose are seats, and lucky me, I arrived late and therefore had no choice. I can't even begin to explain how conflicted I felt as I shuffled over to my new seat in the corner. The rest of the Algebra class, I made it a point to glare constantly. At the board, at my papers, all that, to convey my dissatisfaction. I thought I'd burn a hole in my paper just from the murderous glare that I cast at it. And I also realized I got an average of 14 out of 20 on all three quizzes that my teacher passed back. What a great way to start off the school day...

And in Chemistry, because I was grouped with an overly uptight OCD kid (I sound mean, but he was being really, really picky) along with three other people that were pretty chill, but OCD kid? He kept on insisting that we redo the experiment every fucking time someone accidentally (I think) added more drops than prescribed into the conductive solution we were testing with LoggerPro (computer/probe). We redid the experiment three times. And what happened? We didn't get a thing done. And the worst part was that he acted so stricken and distraught about inconsequential little things. Now I have to freaking do the lab on my own when we could've gotten results in class. I don't know who/what I feel sorry for.

Newspaper...was good. I can't think of anything bad to say about it, thank goodness.

P.E. - pacer. Actually not that bad aside from me feeling like I had lived in the arid desert for about a billion years. I was so thirsty.

Right now, I have to do these for tonight's homework:

  1. AP World Chapter 32
  2. Thesis 4 and 6 for AP World
  3. Approximately 100 pages of Dracula

Okay. That was my day.

But oh wait!

When the bus dropped me off on the corner of the street to my neighborhood, I passed by the reservoir (which now has a thin layer of snow and mud) and saw a flock of Canadian geese. It was a nice sight and obviously I'd never let an opportunity like this pass up with my camera, so I had it ready and snapped a couple shots. The only downside? Didn't have enough memory. AND it was drizzling. And I was tromping in snow with my new Nikes D: But ah well. All for the photograph.

day 53: band of outsiders