Sunday, February 7, 2010

naturally high, yeah

I suspect I'm naturally high.

I decided to take photographs in the shower. No, not nude photographs, silly. Just photographs of rushing water from the showerhead and the beautifully pink Loreal shampoo bottle, honestly. But I was crazy. You didn't think I'd actually take my camera with me as the shower was running.

But oh. I knew I would.

I really do take my camera everywhere. It's my constant companion, my confidante, my accomplice.

But, really. I've been hoping for some time now that I could shoot water in slow-motion. Freeze it in a frame. But those hope were dashed as I brought my companion with me. I forgot the water was warm, bordering hot. The lens fogged up big time as I lifted it to aim for the perfect shot. Drat. But oh well. I'd brought my camera with me into the bathroom anyway, so I'd better make use of it.

What've you got in bathrooms?

Water. Yeah. But aside from that?


it's an enigma


i see grey

Fog after a nice shower.

I'm naturally high, thank you. No, I'm not sorry for that.