Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today I applied for a page editor position on my high school’s newspaper.

It means more than ‘a lot’ to me. But nobody realizes. But that’s not the point.

When my aunt found out later, she told me,

“I hope you don’t get the position.”

Because she thinks that my joining the newspaper has made me deviate from school.

When my dad came home today, he started attacking me (verbally, as usual) at dinner.

He gave me shit about me and journalism, and then he starts talking about how his friends’ daughters are getting “full scholarships” and how they’re all majoring in computer science or the medical field.

Well. Congratulations, you people I don’t know.

But I honestly don’t give a shit, even if my dad thinks that my current state and dreams are the most pitiful, shameful things he has seen all his life.

He goes on about, “If I were you, if I were younger, I’d be a doctor.”

Shut the fuck up. You’d end up killing people. You think everyone can be a doctor?

You think I can be one? You think I want to? You think I’m going to be making six figure salaries? Fuck you.

I should just starve myself from now on and skip dinner so I don’t have to fucking hear any of this anymore.

My aunt told my dad that she had a friend who had been working in journalism for twenty years, and now *has* to switch over to IT because the journalism industry is so shitty.

Hmm. Yeah. It sucks that I’ve ended up missing the technology bandwagon that’s so hot these days. I’m not a math or science geek. I’m not a lawyer. I’m not the miracle woman who can bring the dead back. I’M A FUCKING ARTIST.

If I were to wake up one day, and not have to hear any of this shit for a day, that would be heaven. Just how much longer will I have to put up with this?

Someday, I’m going to prove every single one of these people wrong. And it all sounds so sketchy with the ‘someday’, and right now I have no idea how I’ll go about accomplishing that task, but I am going to make every single person in this family that gave me this shit apologize to me.

I want to punch people who go, “Family is the most important thing. Do it for the sake of family! Trust your family 300%. Be obedient to your parents because they say so! Family will never hurt you!” Yeah. Meet my family and then we’ll talk.