Saturday, April 24, 2010

[photographic diary] week 14 + 15 megapost


drawing on curtains in the dark

Hi everyone! These past two days have been perhaps the happiest days of the year thus far. Or most peaceful.


  • Found 22 clovers in one patch with my best friend Cindy when we went to Franklin Middle School after school
  • Found out that I would be Arts & Style editor of The Purple Tide
  • Woke up at 7 a.m. and actually felt fine.
  • Volunteered at yard sale at CHS with Cindy and also got a little vintage photography book from the year 1986!
  • TPT workday - had the most hilarious time with Chloe and Caroline, who are masters of accents. And also had a fail moment related to cupcakes (sorry Caroline. And Chloe).
  • Met Kanna and hung out with her at Reston Town Center for the rest of the day
  • Many other crazy things
We'll call it the calm before the storm. Tomorrow I have to take the AP World History Diagnostic test, Spanish PALS, and do a TON of English. Eep.

Well, anyway, get ready for a megapost:
day 100
day 100: i hope my neighbors weren't spying on me

day 101
day 101: 41110

day 102
day 102: you're never fully dressed without a smile (grin)!

day 103
day 103: bring it on, bitches

day 106

day 107
day 107: lovely little lady

day 108
day 108: dynamic duo

day 109
day 109: silhouette ambiance

day 110
day 110: let me go

day 111
day 111: secret

day 112
day 112: waiting for the change that came

day 113
day 113

day 114
day 114: kanna & me

Well, as you (might) be able to see... I've been angry and sad for the past two weeks. But you know what?

I'm strong.

And so I'll keep forging ahead.

And I've also been very happy since this Friday.

But now it's time to return to reality and face the impending dangers of school.

What I feel right now--is very peculiar. Definitely anxious. But also a bit happy and daring at the same time--the way you'd feel when telling someone that you'd kick their ass. In this case--school.

On another note, I feel as though my photography has been very moody. What do you think of it? What's your favorite?

I've got tons more photographs at my Flickr photostream, by the way:

hallway mood no 2