Wednesday, April 7, 2010

photographic food diary

So earlier in the day, as I was checking up on my daily NY Times news subscription, I came across an awesome, intriguing, and totally relevant article:

First Camera, Then Fork

Now I'm itching to embark on a photographic food diary (which means I take photographs of every single meal I eat), the equivalent of my 365 but in terms of food in addition to my project 365. But I know that will be difficult and it just so happens that a series of unfortunate (that is way understated) occurrences have happened to me that might limit my free time, so for now, I'm putting this photographic food diary dream on hold.

Once things settle down, I will start it as soon as possible, so just a heads up. And a little inspiration for you people if you're as interested in food and photography as I am. Heck, maybe you might want to do this project, too.