Tuesday, June 29, 2010

dream of EPIC proportions (loaded with mind-blowing historical allusions)

Think of the Holocaust/Final Solution...taking place in Northern Virginia.

In a little center named Eden Center, yes. It exists in reality--it's a center filled with restaurants, bars, nail salons, etc. all run by Vietnamese people. The whole center runs in a semi-circle whose opening is indicated by this traditional Asian arch-thing. That was where my dream took place.

I was in one of the restaurants with my family. It's strange because I was just at this restaurant with some of my family Saturday afternoon. So in my dream... ALL of my family was there. My dad, my aunts, my mom, sibilings, uncles... everyone. In the dream, I sensed something was coming, so I ran outside the restaurant (or tried to) with a saw (non-eletric, the type you'd use to saw wood). Don't ask me where the heck the saw came from.

There's one sole hallway that is very narrow that leads out to the one door to the restaurant. As I made my way through the hallway, I noticed a man in a forest green uniform coming into the door. A black beanie with holes for the mouth, eyes and nose was pulled over his face. I immediately ran back into the restaurant where my family was and yelled, "THEY'RE COMING!" to which everyone in the restaurant panicked at. In a matter of seconds, the men in the uniforms and black beanies came bursting through the entrance and err...shot people. It was really...realistic? in a sense. So I quickly ushered my entire family into the hallway that leads outside to make sure they didn't get massacred in there. But when we got out, I noticed that the whole plaza was filled with people (all Asians, but not surprising since usually only Asians, esp. Vietnamese people, go to Eden Center) running to the rght. But that wasn't the interesting part. Everyone was either wearing a dark green shirt, a dark blue shirt, a dark red shirt, or a pumpkin orange. All the shirts had one black letter emblazoned on them, but I couldn't distinguish what it was. I was wearing the dark green shirt.

So like I said...everyone was running for the right, which snakes around and takes everyone to the entrance to the whole plaza. So I run and follow the crowd, separated from my family, saw still in tow. There's someone near the entrance that is giving out yellow tickets with red letters. Everyone in front of me takes one, so I follow suit and take one from the person as well. We're getting even closer to the entrance and I see people running towards a man (who reminds me of Nguyen Ngoc Loan, the South Vietnamese officer who appeared in the infamous photograph from the Vietnam War) who seems to be guarding the entrance, giving him their tickets. The people who are wearing blue, orange or red shirts get to pass and run away into this highway that's outside of the plaza that splits four directions. Those that are wearing green shirts--I found it very strange in the dream. If the Nguyen Ngoc Loan look-alike fancied, he shot some of the green shirted people and let other green shirted people go. It was like he was deciding their fate at random.

REALITY CHECK: Okay, remember I told you this dream took place in Virginia? Well, in reality, Nguyen Ngoc Loan moved to Virginia. SERIOUSLY. And what's more is that in my dream, he was shooting people. In reality, I best know him for THIS ICONIC PHOTOGRAPH by Eddie Adams. Connection, anyone? Also, I think I know why this man from this photograph appeared in my dream. It's pretty crazy. A long time ago, I came across an internet article titled, "5 photographs that changed the world." And I looked at it, and this photograph was one of them. The other was that photograph of the sailor/Navy officer kissing a woman during World War II. But recently (within the past week), I read another article stating that that woman from the photograph had passed away. So my brain apparently made the connection between this woman and the other photographs that I first encountered along with it on that one article, which included Nguyen Ngoc Loan.

So as it was almost my turn to go and give him my ticket to "Freedom" so it seemed, I turned and ran back and (accidentally?) threw my ticket into the wind, very afraid because I had a feeling he would shoot me since I was carrying a saw. Plus I was one of those wild cards (the people that wore green shirts). But as I was running back...

I saw a woman with olive skin and black hair who was kneeling on the ground (against her own will) before the guard man. He was laughing at her, and I think I screamed her name because she was my lover. (WHAT?! I DON'T KNOW, IT'S A DREAM!) The weirdest thing is that 1) I've never known such a person in reality. 2) In the dream, it was the first time we had met, but we instantly became um, lovers even though we didn't even talk to each other. It's hard to explain, but I guess it was an unspoken understanding.
I can't quite distinguish her name, though. I think I said, "Katalia."

REALITY CHECK: Yesterday on Tumblr, I saw this post that said, "Which Axis Powers Hetalia nation are you?" So I think my brain somehow meshed the word "Hetalia" (whatever that is) into that person's name (maybe Katalina?) to make Katalia.

I can't quite remember what happened, but all of the sudden I was back in front of the restaurant I had started out with, and I saw my mom and an aunt. She rushed to me and asked why I didn't run away (out of the entrance), so I told her that I lost my ticket. And she shook her head and gave me that disapproving look. Plus I told her I didn't know what direction I should run in (North, West, or East). A couple of strangers with yellow tickets, which were actually these paper charms, opened them up and revealed another set of red words, and those words actually had directions telling you which direction to go...
A series of events (which I can't recall) happened.

The last thing I remember is that I am bound with ropes and kneeling on black, marble-tiled floors in front of a huge wooden dining table. At the head of the dining table sits a fat man who is a supposed leader of the Holocaust-like movement. He looks and sounds exactly like Don Cabeza (from the movie The Mission, which I watched in AP World History recently). He is sneering at me... and the woman beside me, who is "Katalia."

REALITY CHECK: Like I said earlier, I watched The Mission (a 1986 film regarding the cruel massacre of the Guarani, a native tribe of South America, by the Portuguese and Spanish colonists). Don Cabeza was one of the men who ordered the slaughter of the Guarani. See the connections?

......I feel like I'm forgetting something very important. But that's all that comes to mind right now.

By the way, I don't recall killing or drawing blood from anyone in the dream even though I am pretty sure I had to defend myself against some of those uniformed men with my saw. Does this relate to the fact that in reality, I fear the sight of blood, and fear violence in general?

Wow. Maybe the best dream I've ever had, in terms of HISTORICAL ALLUSIONS.