Thursday, June 3, 2010

[fashion] Miranda Kerr by Greg Kadel for Numbero #114

Miranda Kerr by Greg Kadel for Numero #114

Numero #114 Miranda Kerr from Greg Kadel Studios on Vimeo.

Honest to goodness, I love this editorial and video. The whole concept was very refreshing. The juxtaposition of good and bad in a rather seductive and humorous way, the bright, cheerful colors, a strawberry-blonde Miranda Kerr. Wow. Another thought is that I was hardly able to recognize that it was Miranda Kerr. Usually you have these models explicitly oozing sex appeal and "hot, hot, hot," but in this instance, I think it was appropriately fashionable. Not that there's anything wrong with Victoria's Secret angels doing their thing. Anyhoo. I also must point out that lately I am really noticing and loving Greg Kadel's work.