Monday, June 28, 2010

All my literal dreams are related to two categories. Guess?

Lately (i.e. this whole month), all my dreams (when I'm sleeping) and nightmares go into two categories (sometimes they overlap).

Fashion. And journalism.

That has to tell you something.

I've had countless dreams about being backstage filming and shooting the models during rehearsals...

I had a dream the night before that the actual article I helped out with for The Washington Post didn't credit me. One of the seniors on TPT said to me in the nightmare, "Miranda. I saw the article you did in The Washington Post, but they didn't credit you. I'm sorry about that." Geez, talk about nightmares!

And then I had a dream I was looking at this really colorful fashion editorial in a magazine. Just flipping through the pages. That was my dream. And soo many more.

Also, I had a dream that I saw Chanel Iman walking in this outfit she actually wore once--in a photograph! So basically the photograph of her I saw in reality became a video in my dream. Cool.

Random tidbit: My dreams are really cinematic.

And they truly only involve either fashion or journalism (or both combined). That has to be a sign, yes?


Emily said...

perhaps your dreams will become reality one day! =D