Friday, July 23, 2010

I love my little sister and the tooth fairy.

My little sister makes me realize a lot of things.

I wanted to give her a bear hug just now.

At dinner, she lost her first baby tooth. So obviously the tooth fairy will have to visit her tonight. She’s never met the tooth fairy before, so at the insistence of my mother, she decided to write a letter to the tooth fairy.
She came up to my room and asked me to help her write the letter.

So I did.

And after we finished the first few sentences, she asked me,

“What does the tooth fairy give me? Does the tooth fairy give me something to eat—a treat?”

I laughed and told her no.

She then tells me, “I watched Clifford [the Big Red Dog] and Emily Elizabeth gave Clifford a big treat.”


Goodness. My little sister just really makes me remember how innocent kids, or myself, at least, are at her age. How trusting and vulnerable and adorable they are. You just want to hug them and protect them so that nothing will ever hurt them.

Since we could only think of two sentences, I suggested that she draw a picture for the tooth fairy after signing her name. She decided to draw herself on the right side and her tooth on the left. She asked me how to draw a tooth, so I showed her on another piece of paper.

And then, when it was time to put the letter in an envelope, she asked to choose a sticker from my extremely sacred sticker box. (Yes, I collected stickers as a little kid and put them in this box especially designed to hold stickers. It’s one of my childhood possessions that I really treasure and NOBODY uses it.) I agreed, and we rummaged through the sticker collection. I had a lot of animal stickers, but she said, “I want something…cute.”

Eventually I came across a Barbie sticker collection and there was a cute butterfly there, so she chose that one.

She asked me how the tooth fairy comes. And what kind of “presents” she gives. And whether or not mom calls the tooth fairy over.

I told her that the tooth fairy will only come if she sleeps early :)

So now she's fast asleep.

Little moments like these mean a lot to me.


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