Sunday, June 20, 2010

W magazine

So...we've probably all heard that Stefano Tonchi is taking over W...

It feels like there was an earthquake or some supernatural occurrence of massive magnitudes that just flipped over the magazine. I doubt that W will ever be the same anymore, since Mr. Tonchi said that his plans for W were “still very open,” but he wanted to make it more accessible, “probably to just make it more of a general-interest style magazine, and less of a fashion-obsessed publication.”

I must confess that that this new approach saddens me. The reason I loved W magazine so dearly was because of its clearly fashion-centered scope, unlike its other fashion magazine counterparts. But that was just my reason for falling in love with the magazine. Whether or not the shift in scope is a good or "bad" matter, I have no say in. I'm just surprised that there are so many changes in one fell swoop. But we will see how things go with W, which was one of my favorite magazines.

But I also read from fashionologie that Terry Richardson is back with shooting for W again. Honestly, I frown at that.

...We'll see his 17-paged editorial in the July issue and go from there, I guess.


Rrose Sélavy said...

I'm not happy about all the changes at W either, but at least it looks like Alex White is staying and she seems to like Freja. We'll see how everything turns out, and cross our fingers that Terry's photography doesn't become a regular fixture in the pages.