Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i want to be

I want to be everything that I want to be.

Honestly I am getting tired of it whenever people ask me, "What do you want to be?"

As if there were only one answer.

I do not want to just become a photographer and journalist. I do not want to just take fashion photography--I want to do assignments for National Geographic as well.

I do not want to just write for The New York Times--I want to also write for Vogue and other such prominent titles.

I do not just want to write and photograph. I want to be a traveler, I want to be a spokesperson, I want to be a playwright, I want to be a camerawoman, I want to be a television broadcaster/anchor, I want to be an agent and modeling scout,  I want to own a cozy cafe, I want to be...

What I want to be.

Why should people limit themselves? Why do we have to inherently assume that we can only be one thing, that we can only pursue a certain number of careers in one's life? I don't understand.

The way I see it, I'll be what I want to be, regardless of whether it's 2 or 200 different things.

There are no limits, really. If you want to be something, if you want to follow different things, follow them. What will hold you back in the end? Who says you can only be one thing, that you can only have one profession? Why else would we have multimedia moguls and enterprising individuals that expand into all walks of life? I know that I will not be held back. I know it.