Friday, June 25, 2010

[diary] last day of school

  • I took 35 birthday punches from 3 people: Ariana (qty: 1, took mercy), Radhika (qty: 17), and Reva (qty: 17), the enforcers of birthday laws. Yay for red and tender arms.
  • Went to watch Toy Story 3 with 2 people: Ariel and Cindy
Ariel Kao, loved your outfit. Très chic!

Winson, Neha and Ariel

Alice, haha!

Lindur and her lovely Ray Bans

Ziomara and her cousin

Stefanie signing my yearbook

 Chrissy. You look adorable when you smile.

Toy Story 3 credits - taken in the movie theater

Ariel - love that outfit.

Ariel, Cindy, and me in front of Regal cinema :)


Emily said...

what?! it's your birthday?!

today was the last day of school for me too =) looks like you guys had fun. i still need to watch toy story 3!