Wednesday, June 2, 2010

this is for us

154: this is for us

You do not understand the compassion I feel for us; how much I want to cry and embrace all who know this feeling, all that have gone or are going through this:

There are so many adolescents. For some of us, people like us, we're going through life--and everything ahead seems to only be filled with uncertainty while our lives, currently, are racked with overwhelmingly pent-up anger, anxiety, despair, fear, and infinite pressures--and just the great unknowns of life.


I know that I am going to make it through because I know that nothing could ever hold me back. That I have a "thing" out there. That I know what makes me happy. That I am strong. That I have people who I care about, that care about me, too.

This is for us.

And remember, you have experienced joy, happiness, and wonderful moments in life that others would never have dreamt of. You have tasted happiness before.

I didn't take this photograph today. I took it on a rainy day and decided to save it for the day; the day when the time would come that it would be needed.

This is for us.