Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup

The World Cup seriously took the whole school by storm. Shevy showed her uh, support for Mexico very openly by announcing it and hooting about it through the microphone in the cafeteria. The rest of us folks supported South Africa. But I was seriously stunned by how quiet and intent every seemed during lunch time. I've never seen people so absorbed in a school lunch environment. There were crowds around the flat screen TVs all around the cafeteria. Classroom TVs were tuned to the World Cup. There was a constant buzz regarding the latest World Cup news. I didn't know high school kids, especially in America, watched the World Cup like this. It was pretty darn impressive.

163: world cup

And I am totally a dork to say this, but it makes me very um, happy? Proud? Something along those lines, when I see how unified people are, how universal shared passions are. If that makes any sense.