Saturday, May 8, 2010

tpt in the motions of... pt. 2

  • I had the best interview with Mr. Demek. 32 minutes of deep stuff.
  • Got pranked on and scared by Kristen in the back-backroom. I shoulda known better... some fishy stuff. Why can't Shevy go ask the 5 billion other people in the backroom to go grab her Sharpie for her? Why me? But I guess Danielle convinced me with the thing about the interview info being on the desk... (Nevertheless I felt something was really sketchy about the whole thing). So I walked in, thought it was pretty dark, turned on the lights, turned around, and BAM--Kristen leaps up. I yelled "OH MY GOD!" At least I didn't do some hilarious shit where people throw their hands up and start squealing/screaming in high-pitched voices...