Tuesday, May 18, 2010

if i could swim in the sky

...I would.

ocean in the sky 7


the sunrise to live for

ocean in the sky 6

day 80: pole meet mackerel sky

day 52: Opus 23

perfect union

hope for time to stop

peacefully pinkish

With the exception of the reddish one right above these words, the rest are all natural. Straight from the camera--no touch-ups. Just pure natural goodness.

The most natural beauties of this world that I've managed to capture between December 2009 til now. The rest are in the sky set at my Flickr. There used to be more photographs in that set, but Flickr is hiding more and more of the older photographs every time I upload new ones since I don't have a pro account T__T

Also, these are from two days ago: