Friday, May 14, 2010

today was a :) day

Now that the hail-hype has died down a little in me, I am going to tell you all about my day today, because it's the happiest I've ever been since a long while. Nothing close to being bad has happened to my knowledge. In fact, I'm happy. But I can't get complacent. But it's good to try to loosen up once in a while, right?

I was sitting in Algebra class when fragrance wafted around me. I proceeded to exclaim, "something smells like perfume or cologne..." (at that moment I couldn't discern). And Nikki told me she was wearing Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle fragrance. Oh, kill me. That's what you call classy. And it's not every day I tell someone, "You smell good" (which is meant to be a compliment, though it's weird).

 And then Nikki started painting her nails while class was going on. Priceless moment. It just so happened that I forgot my memory card at home, so I could only take pictures sparingly with internal memory. Oh. And I love her ring. And her style.

Also, someone's phone was on speaker and it rang in Algebra. Someone on the other line said, "Hullo?" LOL. Caused quite the commotion--with my teacher, at least.

During Spanish, something utterly STRANGE happened. I can't tell if I drifted off or if I actually fell asleep and was dreaming for about five minutes until I woke up, but in that time of surrealism, I saw someone. And in that moment, I recognized her. She had flaxen hair, a Brazilian tan, circular black earrings, black heels (perhaps 5 inches), and a little black dress (by Chanel). At first, her back was turned to me. But then she slowly turned around and smiled. At that moment, I somehow regained consciousness or snapped out of whatever the funk I was in, and suddenly I could no longer remember who that person was. But I do think she bore a resemblance to Raquel Zimmermann--but her jaw wasn't as pronounced. Must be me and my Brazilian fever. Fashion is getting to my head.

During English, I attempted to pull a prank for the first time in my life, probs. Here's what happened and how it turned out:

I walked to English class. The light was turned off in the room. One of my classmates turned the doorknob and the door opened, so we walked in. He turned on the lights. I turned them off and glanced out the doorway and a brilliant idea popped into my head. At that moment, I saw Catherine approaching the door (walking-speed) so I fervently flapped my hand to indicate that she should hurry over, and so she did. Then I ushered her into the room and exclaimed, "Okay, let's hide (and scare the crap out of them/my other classmates)!" I can't remember if she said anything in reply or not, but it didn't really matter. I proceeded to close the door quickly and crouched behind my desk, which is right next to the door. (Note: remember the lights are turned off). At some point, I saw someone's shadow fall through the glass window of the door, so with bated breath, I waited for my victim to open the door. The knob turned, and he/she walked in. I sprang up and shooted, "BOOM!" (the wrong and totally weird statement for scaring people?) and the person that I scared turned out to be the SUBSTITUTE TEACHER. EPIC FAIL, LAWLS. Oh god. How embarrassing. It was funny, though. She definitely was surprised by that. Gosh. I wish I had 1) thought of something better to exclaim while scaring the crap out of her and 2) checked that it wasn't a teacher before executing my attack. But the problem is--if I didn't jump up when the substitute opened the door and turned on the lights, how the hell do I explain why I was crouching beneath/next to my desk IN THE DARK when the classroom door was closed?

Ah, good day, good day.

For the remainder of English class, I read two short stories and a collection of three poems. I love modern literature. I fell in love with the two short stories that I read: The Handsomest Drowned Man (Gabriel Garcia Marquez) and The Garden of Forking Paths (Jorge Luis Borges).


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