Sunday, May 16, 2010

[photographic diary] week 17 & 18 megapost

So I've been getting lazy with posting updates. But here we go!

day 120
day 120: reporter-turned-superhero

day 121
day 121: walk in the light

day 123

day 124
124: you are strong. i am strong

day 126

day 127

day 128
128: Shevy

day 129
129: ice cream on a windy day

day 130
130: to be free

day 131
131: lost in the vortex

day 133
133: teardrops, raindrops

day 134
134: calm and comfortable

day 135
135: what the hail

There are others interspersed throughout my Flickr photostream. You can go check them out here.

I think my photography has, in one way or another, yet again changed, even if it is only the most minuscule of change. And I think I've improved. I can only take myself higher, can't I?

...I hope so. I hope that my photography will never go down the drain like my academics did. But I am sure there is a time for everything, and everyone experiences setback(s) regardless of whatever they are doing and however much they love it. But I swear, great things are to come, in both my photography and academic life.

Which ones are your favorites, and why?