Saturday, December 12, 2009

[update] tpt work day #2

Must I state the obvious?
I love TPT.
I'm an absolute dork/nerd/hardcore when it comes down to TPT. It's totally manifested my life--it's become a staple fixture. I'm not sure what I would do without it. The point is, it means that much to me. That's because of the people, for sure, as well as the memories and experiences I've been through on the job, if you'd call it a job. (I know I call it my job, and I take it very seriously). There is so much that happens in just a few minutes, much less a few hours, that I simply love to recap pretty much every newspaper-related event. So I'm recapping my second work day experience in TPT. I expect that I'll continue to recap all my TPT-related events for a very long while, perhaps up to the day I graduate. And let's begin...

  • Woke up Sat., Dec. 12, 8 a.m.
  • Arrived @ school approx 10 a.m.
  • Helped think of headlines and other sidejobs
  • 12:30 ish, noon, got in car w/Kristen, Stephanie, Sydney, and Shannon
  • Listened to Shannon jam to Ashley Tisdale's "Last Christmas" among other Christmas-y songs, i.e. the date rape song
  • Arrived at Reston Town Center
  • Attempted to sell ads w/TPT peeps to various stores. Unsuccessful but learned tricks of the trade along the way.
  • Mini-lunch @ Potbelly's. Freeloaded off of Sydney's dollar. I will repay her, though.
  • Speeded back to school
  • Epic faceplant as I epically failed going up the side stairs in our school. Eternal embarrassment much?
  • Listened to a discussion of teacher crushes and how school takes over our lives.
  • Watched the statement "He said he loved her. He lied" be changed into various hilarious, explicit statements that included various people and bodily appendages*
  • Witnessed the true meaning of "like mother, like daughter"
  • Arrived home, 2 or 3ish p.m.
That was a very general recap. Lots of craziness happened along the way, though.

An analogy for y'all (I hate using y'all but...):

School is dictating our lives. Seriously. We wake up and get prepared FOR school. Go to school. Come home and do HOMEWORK which was assigned in SCHOOL. Study FOR school. Go to bed and wake up the next day, again for school. Rinse and repeat. The cycle continues. We've done this for at least a decade. There's a decade more to go, for many of us.

I adore life. I sincerely do.

Btw, check out Ruta's awesome tee she wore to TPT (that sorta rhymes!)

If you didn't check that link out, just know that I'm the lookout for people with awesome tees.


*If you're interested in these pics, ask me ;)