Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fashion + Photography + Me = ? (and all sorts of other things)

This is probably going to be an equation whose answer will always elude me:
Fashion + Photography + Me = ?

First off, I don't even know how I've decided to set my mind on becoming a fashion photographer above all else (that includes being a journalist). Well, sure, my breath was first taken away by a Chloé editorial I saw in an issue of NYLON in '08, but I don't think that that alone made me convert to a fashion enthusiast (I don't think I truly deserve the title of 'fashionista' yet). So what gives?

I can't say this for sure, but I think the one reason I'm so, um, intoxicated by fashion is because of its nature: it seemingly always revolves around something I find irresistible--beauty. I consider myself an aesthete, which according to means "a person who has or professes to have refined sensitivity toward the beauties of art or nature." I really love nature (hence my passion for photographing the skies) and art. Fashion is an art. Writing is an art. Drawing is an art. Music is an art.

I'm sure that there are few people that love beauty as much as I do. I'm not sure you would understand, and I could never possibly be able to contain my love for beauty and beautiful things in just words alone, but it's like... I love everything that is beautiful, whether it be people, places, places, things.

I pass random people in the streets, in the malls, in school, and a lot of times I think to myself, "gosh, they look amazing. I wonder if they'd be creeped if I asked to take a portrait of them?" Sadly, you see, people have this sort of paranoia mechanism around strangers. "I don't know you, you don't know me, so what the hell are you doing talking to me?" is basically the response I'm expecting to get if I try to approach someone. I have never tried to approach a stranger (well, okay, once, and that was a model contestant after the fashion show, and duh, she said yes) to ask for their photograph, and I doubt that I will anytime soon. I mean, this is Virginia we're talking about. Suburbia, not New York City.

I wish I lived in New York City.

Here, when you make a fashion statement, people think you're crazy (in a bad way). In New York City, nobody cares nearly as much since they see it all the time!

Back to the topic. Okay, yes, if I were the same me from a year ago, and I met the me of today who would ask for my photograph, I'd probably be like, "wtf, no." But not today. I mean, think of the Sartorialist! Think of Garance Doré! Think of street photographers! They take strangers' pictures, and those people seem totally cool with it!*

I know, I know, I'm being hypocritical. I would be cautious with strangers, too, especially those that asked to take my picture. But, speaking from the perspective of a photographer/aesthete, I mean, COME ON, PEOPLE! What on earth do you think I'll do with your photos? Do I look like a psychopath serial killer that takes pictures of potential victims and stalks then kills them? NO! (I mean, I don't think so at least. Well, the point is, I look a lot saner than some people).

But that's the perspective of an aesthete and photograph, two perspectives that aren't exactly that widely considered in everyday society--especially not in Suburbia Virginia.

So, wait, okay, there are a lot of things I want to say about me and fashion and [fashion] photography. It's something I'm honestly considering as a career, something I bet I would love to do, to live with. I hope that I'm not mistaken, that it's not just some lucrative, highly-sought after occupation to me, because right now, it doesn't feel that way. It feels thrilling, and so much more than that. It feels like it could bring the life out in me, to make me alive.

I've just gone on several tangents, all somehow related to fashion/photography/and certainly myself.

Congratulations if you've made it this far in reading. You've just had the super rare opportunity to get a glimpse of truth behind the Miranda you probably hardly knew (because, if you think you know me, you're probably wrong in for a big surprise).


P.S. This is one of the longest things I've ever written online before.

By the way, if you finished or least partly read this, let me know. I'll have to give you my thanks. Also, if you've got any comments/concerns/etc., feel free to let me know, too :)

*Disclaimer: This image was by the Sartorialist.


kcrules said...

I've finished reading :D
Hm... about your statement about how you don't look like a psychopathic serial killer, you indeed don't look like one and I'm not saying you are one, but serial killers often don't look like serial killers. (Then does that mean you look like one? I'm kind of paranoid right now after watching this TV show about women killers with my sister last night. I've decided that maybe forensic science probably isn't my choice of career.)
I admire you how you have such a clear idea of the career you want, unlike me who dropped her career choice around 1 AM this morning.
Is it me or comments people leave aren't usually this long?

Miranda said...

Oh goodness. Now I'm kind of spooked/perturbed/curious about that TV show you watched... Err, I'm sorry to hear about your dropping forensic science? But never fear--you have endless possibilities!

I probably don't have as clear of an idea of my preferred career as you think I do. As I've mentioned previously, I'm afraid that things can change. However, I also do think that even if I change my dream of becoming a fashion photographer, my true career will somehow be related to it one way or another. (You see, I've always headed down a connected path of careers: reporters, journalists, photographers are all interlinked.) So my dream actually might not change.

And, well, okay, touché for the psychopath serial killer. But, I really don't look/seem like that sort of person, right? I'm a teen (for once this age can be potential leverage for my cause), and you don't normally hear of teenage serial killers, if ever.

In response to your question, um, depends on which blog you're looking at. You should check out Tavi's blog's comments. Those readers are amazing--they write paragraphs

Wow...note that all my blog references are fashion blogs...

stacey kelly said...

So i totally understand what you mean about making fashion statements in virginia... here in San Diego people only wear beachy clothing or abercrombie/hollister. but i think you should just go for it! same for photographing people... sure, it might throw a few people off, but i'm sure most people will be flattered. PLUS it would be so interesting to see your unique perspective on beauty/beautiful people in virginia!

as for the sky photographs, I LOVE THEM! i have a thing for outer space, so i loved the snow picture taken at night :)

Miranda said...

People here in Virginia are nuts about Hollister! I could rant about it, but it's not really worth either of our time, hahaha.

Well, you know what? I guess I will go out there and try, really try to find beautiful people in Virginia that will let me take a shot :)

Thanks for reading my blog (and this super long post), by the way, and I'm glad you like the sky photographs!

kcrules said...

In case you somehow want to watch the show, it's called Deadly Women. My sister got the first and second season DVD for her Christmas present. Well about the topic of teenage killers... last night my sister was reading about a fifteen year-old who killed a nine year-old... so yeah.. there are teenage killers. The youngest killer my sister read about was eleven years old...

kcrules said...

It's not a surprise that career choices may change in the future. But even so, I still have a right to admire you since you have a 'general' idea of what you want to do, unlike me, who is now totally clueless about my choice of career.
Happy New Year! :D