Monday, November 9, 2009


Hi folks.

In attempts to fulfill my promise of reform, I am enlisting people to become my drill sergeants/life coaches. The following are qualities you should have:
1) an authoritative presence
2) a maternal or mentor personality

Objectives are simple: get me to finish my homework by 11:30 p.m. every night of the school year. Possible approaches are setting a time limit to my homework, setting checkpoints, and break times. And merciless, unrelenting nagging and scolding.

On the other hand of life, I must say that I have a new project:
project TOMATO!

Lately I've not been the healthiest person, and when I say that, you know it's pretty serious, cause EVERYONE knows how unhealthy of a lunch I eat, right? So I had this paranoia-stricken sentiment that I was unhealthy on Sunday since... I was eating McDonalds, my beloved McDonalds, and I felt disgusted with myself. O_O (GASP) It was weird, depressing, joyous, and terrifying all at once. So I'm thinking I shall not only reform my school habits, but also my diet. Wheeee. So, because I believe that TOMATOES are the bestest MIRACLE/MAGICAL VEGETABLES (do not dispute with me about fruits vs. vegetables, I will always consider tomato a veg) to have ever graced this land, I came up with an ingenious idea:

A tomato a day keeps the ____ away (the blank part I have yet to figure). But it's pretty much the alternative to uh, apples, because I love tomatoes.

So I have been thinking up very strange, err, innovative ways to prepare tomatoes; in terms of cooking. HELP ME THINK OF WAYS/THINGS I CAN COOK WITH TOMATOES THAT ARE EDIBLE/WON'T KILL ME.

I shall let everyone know how my TOMATO project goes when I, uh, actually get it figured out and start it.

Feel free to suggest any other project ideas I might possibly be interested in undertaking.