Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rest in Peace Daul Kim

The world mourns for Daul Kim.

I came upon one of her blog posts which was distinctly beautiful, breathtaking, dreamy in a way:
"eversince i was like born
my mother said i never ever slept

i think its seasonal cos
sometimes i'll sleep 20 hrs
and sometimes i wont sleep for days and
days and days. (my friends call this
vicious cycle)

i always get the "middle of the night
voodoo dreams" which practically
my roomates told me that id scream/choke
in the middle of the night.
and i talk about some weird shit
or swear like mad crazy

but i dont remember anything
except for certain scenes in my
"dream" or themes or colour

but then in my dreams i see this...
magnificiant ... so groggyy and twisted
and scary to the point that its dizzy and
beautiful visions which truely deeply
inspires me and gives me this spin in the head
the slight taste of euphoria
and ultimate rawness
so thank you whoever voodooing me

pain is love."

Top model Daul Kim was found dead in Paris this morning. She was 20. Regardless of whether she committed suicide or not, I believe she was wild, she was free, she was brilliant, she was strong. Rest in peace.