Saturday, November 21, 2009

[update] Octonov and M

Ho-hum. This week has been rather tumultuous academically; I really have reached a slump. But photography-wise, I've got a lot to be happy about, not to mention that the pinhole camera Lyzan made for me worked ^_^

So, right, I feel like I've suddenly lost the touch for words. I'll let my photographs do the talking, okay?

Just thinking about a lot of things lately--the obscure death of Daul Kim and her persona, how far I've fallen from the graces of academics, how happy I am about the D.C. Convention and TPT, and the joy that [for once] I actually understand Chemistry, or some of it.

I've been contemplating a lot lately.

1the rgb light
2peacefully pinkish
3finishing shine

Ah, Issue 2 is over. Have you guys read it yet?

What sort of topic will I embellish on for my next column? As much as I'd like to write another column somehow related to my summer travels, I have a feeling that such a topic has lost its shine. Now I'm contemplating about the following two topics:

1) the obscure death of Daul Kim
2) How the Andro bake sale and D.C. Convention offered new insight to my life

I really want to take pictures for the Sports section... >_<