Sunday, January 17, 2010

pantsless, yahaha!

Some people look freaking amazing in leggings and tights, to the point where they look like they were born for wearing such leg-huggers.

I, on the other hand, fail.

You see, in my eyes, only people with the right build can wear leggings and tights (and other such paraphernalia)--perfectly slender, toned legs (*cough*skinny people*cough*)--not me.

My aunt recently came back from a trip to Seoul and bought fourteen articles of clothing for me (a whole suitcase, pretty much). Of those 14 items included a pair of striped cotton tights and soft but sturdy leggings, black-colored.

I've always dreamt of myself wearing leggings. But ultimately, that vision never really materializes.

But the bigger problem of wearing leggings, for me, is how vulnerable and somewhat limited I feel. I'm afraid I'll be too klutzy to wear them in fear of tearing them. My envisioned clothing combination consisting of leggings has to have a really long/oversized shirt. Y'know, the pantsless look. But if I were to wear that, how severely conscious and limited I'd have to be! When sitting, bending down, running, etcetera. Yeesh. (The same goes for my wearing short shorts). So I guess I'm still quite boyish at heart.

And self-conscious.

But anyway, getting to the point (hah, that took like 10 paragraphs)--I went pantsless today. It was quite refreshing. Maybe I'll do it again soon.

day 16: le pantsless look

Maybe this'll give me some incentive to tone myself and work out.


stacey kelly said...

im sure you can work the leggings!! :) and can i say, i love the floral couch as a background to this picture!


fall in love with hanneli mustaparta...

Stephen Baird said...

this is a great photo. i never really looked for opportunities for indoor reflections. it's really thought provoking. i guess its really simple if you have a house full of glass tops. i would be tempted to increase the contrast on that photo in order to make it even more obvious a reflection.
nikonsniper steve

moonii said...

Stacey: Thanks :) I love the floral couch, too, but it's actually my aunt's! (This was taken at my aunt's house).

Thank you. I wasn't exactly thinking too deeply about the shot as I aimed--in fact, I didn't really realize the reflection would have such a profoundly striking effect :)