Friday, January 29, 2010

jubilant me


Dear all,

I felt jubilant yesterday. I feel pretty damn good right now, I think, (despite vacuuming the lower level of my house).

Why, you ask?

I could give a very dramatic story about that, but let's just be concise...

This was a pretty tough week with plenty of milestones in school (and at home) but I feel like I overcame them with all the willpower I could muster. There you have it.

In the beginning of the week, I was like, "...Science fair presentation (due Tuesday)...backboard (due Tuesday)...Algebra test (due Thurs)...AP World History test (due Wednesday)... Mr. Chantilly (Tuesday).... Driver's Ed (Tuesday)...piano (due Wednesday)...DAMN!"

Let's see what happened to each of them...

  • Science fair backboard - didn't start until Monday night (night before it was due), virtually shitted around for a couple of hours seriously, and didn't start until 10ish. Finished around 3 ish? 4 ish?
  • I stayed after school for the AP World review session which didn't really help that much as it turns out, when I could've interviewed the contestants for Mr. Chantilly instead.
  • Algebra test - thought it was Tuesday, so I studied about 30 minutes for it. The real deal was actually Thursday. I don't know how I did on it, but at least I studied...?
Tuesday -

Mr. Chantilly. Basically was at school for 13 hours. Went through the school day, stayed after, went to practice piano at 4 in the music department, started running up and down school taking photographs and uploading them to tpt server for pre-Mr. Chantilly, paid for Mr. Chantilly using my own ten bucks, they gave me back 6 bucks, I donated all of it to the penny wars, somehow got front row seats thanks to someone from the SGA (Genevieve) that I only met and interviewed the day before this (thank you!), and then experienced major dilemma because the camera's memory card that I was shooting with became full not even halfway into the competition, so I was very frustrated and franticcalm about deleting like 500 photos in there, took more photographs, took notes and recorded sections of the competition, full memory = delete some photos, took more photos, and the competition was over around 9 ish. BUT, was my duty over? No.

Interviewed a couple of people in the audience afterward, and a few contestants. THEN, hung around after the competition to see if I could get some juicy details from some people, etc. Then I went up and uploaded the 304 pictures I took of Mr. Chantilly, that took forever (i.e. 10 minutes), and finally got picked up by my dad around 10 p.m. DID I EVER MENTION HOW CREEPY IT IS TO STAY IN THE SCHOOL AT 9/10 p.m. ALONE? This deserves its own post.

But anyway, when I'm sitting in the car, my dad gave me shit about how I forgot MY library card at my aunt's house and therefore he can't use MY library card to pick up books he put on hold (WTF man, why don't you use your own card!).

When I got home, I was planning on studying for the AP World test, but guess what? I guess I was so tired (though I didn't feel that way) that I feel asleep when I was waiting for my computer to load! And so, I wake up at 4:21 a.m., was like, "ugh" and went back to sleep and woke up at 6:30 a.m. and boom, time to wake up. And I realize I didn't study for AP World. And on the car ride to school, as I'm trying to recall everything about AP World History, my dad once again lectures me about how I didn't remember my library card and when we're approaching the curb but the car's still in motion, he BLASTS me by saying (in Chinese) something along the lines of "****, you are so dumb and slow! Hurry up with getting out the car!" Well, excuse me for not JUMPING out the car when it's still in motion. Maybe I ought to kill myself! Oh god. So I get to AP World (first period) absolutely flustered/angry/scatterbrained and I pretty much wing the test. First time in the history of me and APW. And I got an 80%. So I have to say, I felt pretty content with it in terms of AP World on top of winging it. Not sure about the essay, but heck with it.

I'm sure you've heard me rant too much already, so let's just quickly get on with the rest of my epic week...

later in Wednesday, I find out I have an A- in English. Okay, not the best grade ever, but you have to understand that I had a C+ in the interim, so I feel pretty accomplished that I raised it from a C+ to an A in such a short time period, okay? (But it was my fault that I even brought it down to a C+, blasphemy, in the first place, but whatev. I was dead at the time).

And then, Thursday -
I wing the science fair presentation because I was exhausted the night before. And Ms. Koppel was like, "Are you in debate team?" after I finished and it's a compliment, so I felt pretty pleased. Hahaha! And I also found out that I have an A- for this quarter! People who actually know me should know that I had a C+ for my report card last quarter, the first ever since 3rd grade, so yay me! Chemistry, the bane of my existence--from a C+ to an A-!

And Driver's Ed? I found out I have an A-. Pretty good if you think about me having a D+ (hahaha, oh dear me) in the interim. I RAISED a D+ to an A-!

So much happened this week. My nerves were in a frenzy, and my palpitations were in overdrive, but I feel like I'm on still waters right now--peaceful. Tranquil. I feel euphoric right now, that's it. EUPHORIA. Intense happiness. And I'm not going to let anyone/anything obstruct my happiness right now. Even though yesterday, I came home and my dad freaking made a fool of me in front of my other relatives (AGAIN with the library card issue!), I am not going to let anyone or anything stop me from being happy because I HAVE THE RIGHT TO FEEL HAPPY THAT I'M MOVING FORWARD AGAIN, WOO!

And I slept at 10:30 Thursday night and woke up 2:30 p.m. Friday afternoon. DANG. That's replenished my lack of sleep for the 5 months that I've skipped out on. 17 hours of sleep in one go. That's a personal record, hahaha... but I feel like I've wasted a free day. Oh well. There's the weekend. There's Monday off. Yay for teacher workdays.

And on Friday afternoon, since I woke up feeling so fine, I decided to volunteer to vacuum the lower level of my house.
In celebration/memory of this unbelievably ____ week, I plan on fasting or eating delectable food on Tuesdays because I did not eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner that day since I was so caught up with working.

And somehow, I know that thins will go downhill from here because I am so happy right now, but I'm not even worried...yet. I'm going to preserve this happiness for as long as I can.